Getting Started

The Proctinator is designed to make the task of assigning proctoring and grading responsibilites to school faculty a snap. The program was designed to be intuitive, but the brief documentation here can help you get started. The best way to quickly get up to speed is to view our video tutorials.

How do I load my faculty list?

There is no reason for you to type in your entire faculty list. You already have this information, probably in a spreadsheet or database, and it will be much quicker to convert your list into the required format than to enter the list from scratch. Create a folder for your scedule (on your desktop, for instance) and save a text-only spreadsheet file there. If you don't have such a list of your faculty, you can likely get one from your IT staff or personnel.
The columns should be: first name, last name, email, subject. It is often better to export a tab separated file instead of a CSV (comma separated values). The Proctinator should work fine with either kind of file. Make sure that you separate teachers from permanent subs and teacher assistants as the example file illustrates. You can download a sample faculty.csv file to see an example.

How do I edit my faculty list?

You can edit the faculty list in three ways:
  1. Edit the faculty list with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or the free alternative-Open Office Calc.
  2. Right click on any faculty member button on the left. You can change a name or remove a former employee.
  3. While creating the schedule, if you type a name not found on the faculty list you will be prompted to add this individual to the faculty list. It is important that you do this because it will enable the program to keep track of how many assignments the new addition has been given. When the schedule is complete, the faculty list is used to generate a custom email message to each faculty member.

How do I set up the exams?

You should enter all of the exams into the program before creating proctoring assignments. Under the Exam menu, select new Exam (or hit ctrl-n). As you create exams, you will see a list of the exams in the menu. To help our clients save time, we will aslo make the State exam schedule available for download directly into the Proctinator.
Once the NYS Regents exam schedule is made publicly available, we will enter all NYS Regents into our system on our web site. You can then download them directly into the program. The link to do this is also under the Exam menu. We will make this service available in other states if there is a demand for it.

How do I make proctoring assignments?

From the Exam menu, select an exam. You can now assign proctors in three ways:
  1. Click on a Faculty Button from the left column. The name will appear in whichever column is currently selected.
  2. Click in a text field and start typing. Under the edit menu you can enable auto-complete to save you time. Auto-complete will try to guess which faculty member you are typing after you enter a few letters.
  3. You can choose auto-assign from the faculty menu (the shortcut is ctrl-alt-A.) The program randomly clicks on the specified number of Faculty Buttons for you. Note that you can randomly assign teachers from a specific department by first clicking on the department button. You may also randomly assign teacer from a department by right-clicking that department.
Be sure to specify the exam administration type. Often schools need to give the same exam simultaneously in several locations to accomadate the varied special testing needs of their students. If you cannot find the specific special testing accomadations on the panel, specify it by clicking [Add notes]. You may also list the students taking the exam at this location or anything else in the note box. Whatever text you write in notes will be inclded in the email sent to the proctors. You can optionally include the notes in the print copy and generated web page as well.
Click the Make Assignment Button when you are done. The exam fields will not change, so you can easily add anoter Proctoring location for this exam if you need to.
The Teacher column on the left of the Proctor Assignment Panel is optional. Some schools like to list the classes assigned to an exam. If you do enter the teachers of classes taking this exam, they will also be included in the generated eMail. For instance, if Mr. Jones teaches 9th grade English but is not proctoring this exam, his email message can include something like this:
Mr. Jones,
One or more of your classes (periods 3,7) is taking the English 9 Final. This will be given in the Gym on Monday, June 13 at 10 AM.
If Mr. Jones was also proctoring this exam, his message would look like this:
Mr. Jones,
Your proctoring assignments are as follows:

Monday, June 13, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM: English 9 Final in the Gym
One or more of your classes is taking this exam.
Paul Castanza is the head proctor.
Exam Administration type: Standard (General Ed)

See which Assignments I have made?

Every time you create a new exam, it will appear in the Exam menu. When you choose an exam, the proctor assignment panel displays a list of the proctor sites you set up as a pull down menu. If you click the Exam Summary button, you will see a list of exams and the corresponding proctor sites (testing locations to administer the exams)

Change the maximum number of assignments for a faculty member?

Right-click on an individual faculty member, choose edit, and then change the maximum assignments.

Change the maximum assignments by department?

You can right-click a department to change the maximum assignments for the whole department. You can change the maximum number for the whole faculty list by right-clicking the [All-Alpha] button next to the department buttons.

Make sure that each teacher has the correct number of assignments?

As you make assignments, you'll notice that the teacher list on the left will include two numbers. The first is how many assignments the teacher currently has and the second is how many assignments they should get. Under the faculty menu you can choose [View Summary Report] to see a list of the teachers that were given too many or too few assignments

Print the schedule?

Under the file menu, choose print or hit ctrl-p.

Email the schedule to each faculty member?

You can view the generated email message when you right-click a faculty member. To email everyone their assignments you must first configure your mail server.

The emails to the faculty need to come from a user in the school, probably a secretary or assistant principal. The Proctinator will connect to your local email server and use it to send email messags on your behalf. To generate all of the emails, choose Email Faculty Assignments from the Email menu.